etukuva.jpgOlli Ontronen is a Finnish blues / roots musician; drummer, harmonica player and singer who has been touring since 2001.

On this website you will find info about him, live appearences and also about his own band Olli O. & Mighty Shitty.

Latest news 27.6.2017

Tours updated

News 6.2.2017

Updated tour calender. Jackie Venson tour next week

News 27.11.2016

Lehdistötiedote Joulukuu 2016, Finnish Blues Awards

Suomen merkittävimpiin roots -bändeihin lukeutuva Olli O. & Mighty Shitty on valittu vuoden
2017 Finnish Blues Awards tapahtuman esiintyjäkaartiin. Tapahtuma järjestetään Helsingissä Virgin
Oil Co -klubilla 14.1.2017.

Finnish Blues Awards, yleisemmin FBA, on suomen blues -ja roots musiikille pyhitetty tapahtuma
jossa palkitaan vuoden ansioituneimmat mm. bändit, artistit, lauluntekijät ja esiintyjät. Kolmatta
kertaa järjestettävän tapahtuman tavoitteena on saada kotimaiselle blues -ja roots osaamiselle
näkyvyyttä sekä lisätä tietoisuutta alan kotimaisista kansainvälisen tason osaajista.

Olli Ontronen (-82) tunnetaan Suomen bluespiireissä moniosaajana. Erityisesti rumpalina Ontronen
on päässyt vaikuttamaan useiden tunnettujen ulkomaisten artistien riveissä. Näistä mainittakoon
kiinnitykset Otis Grandin, Gene Taylorin ja Candyen Kanen yhtyeet. Ontronen soitti Candye Kanen
viimeisessä kokoonpanossa yhdysvalloissa ja euroopassa ennen tämän kuolemaa 2016 keväällä.

Olli O. & Mighty Shitty tunnetaan kovana liveaktina ja yhtye soittaa 100% omaa musiikkia.
Suurimmaksi osaksi Ontrosen sävellyksistä koostuva ohjelmisto on piristysruiske Suomen blues
tarjontaan. Setissä kuullaan mielenkiintoisia sovituksia ja tasokasta improvisointia. Biisit rullaavat
eteenpäin pitkälti sovitetusti ja karkaavat sitten improvisoinnin syövereihin palaten kuitenkin
ruotuun ja lähtötilanteeseen.

Kokoonpanossa vaikuttavat Ontrosen lisäksi kitaristi Tuomas Laajoki, basisti Rauli Suuronen ja
rumpali Jeremia Kangas. Äänentoistosta keikoilla vastaa Lasse Junnila.

News 15.9.2016

Some new dates added.

News 26.1.2016

Four shows booked for Olli O. & Niko Riippa Hoodoo Duo in march. We will create a facebook page soon

News 19.1.2016

Back from California again and slowly getting rid of the jetlag which alwaus is way worse when you fly back to europe..

Next shows with Mighty Shitty; Ylläs Jazz & Blues and Kemi Pakkasukko Blues Festival...SUPER cool!

News 21.11.2015

Here I am again in southern california doing gigs with Candye Kane and Laura Shavez. On bass we have Bobby badass Abarca from east LA. We are doing northern california this time and there are lots of thing happening in the beginning of 2016 so stay tuned. All the upcoming dates you can find on the tour page

News 3.10.2015

Back home...after 26 hours of flying from LA to I am sittin in the middle of the night because of the jet lag...cant sleep at all. Any way.. what a great tour! 4500 miles of driving from Oceanside to Grand Rapids IL and back. Next tour coming up in november and recordings in New York as well propably in January.

News 27.9.2015

After two day drive from Colorado to California im here in LA and ready to play two last shows in Long Beach and Tarzana. See tours -page for venue info. Next wednesday i will fly home for couple of weeks and then in the beginning of november ill be back for another tour!

News 21.9.2015

We played at the Fat Fish blues club in Galesburg IL the day before yesterday and yesterday we did Flatted Fift blues club in Bellevue IA. Today there was an afternoon show at Caseys Pub in Springfield IL. Big Club where local blues assosiation keeps the blues alive. Thank you for your support!

News 17.9.2015


Off to Sioux City. Today Candye Kane band performs at the Hard Rock hotel/casino. Zoo Bar was pretty amazing plaze. You could see walls covered with old posters. Great blues musicians like Charlie Musselwhite, Eddie Kirkland, J L Walker, The Paladins etc. performed there!

News 15.9.2015

Right now we are in Lincoln, Nebraska. 800km of driving yesterday from Denver to Lincoln. Today is dayoff and tomorrow we are playing the legendary Zoo Bar here in Lincoln. Zoo Bar is a legendary live venue and all greats have performed is considered to be part of the legendary chitlin' circuit -route.

News 13.9.2015

Big blues bender done! What a great even and what a crazy city Las Vegas...unreal! Now we are in Denver. Man..I thought that Finland is the land of long distances... we just drove 1200km yesterday to get to a gig. Navigator said that it should be done in 11 hours but it eventually took nearly 14 hours of the road works etc. Today we play at Ziggies. Its an afternoon show so hope to get to see some denver city!

News 11.9.2015

Here we are in Las Vegas with the Candye Kane band and yesterday we did our first show... Plaza Hotels bender lounge was packed! Today we play by the pool at the and then we will take a ten hour drive to Denver. It is pretty amazing feeling to play american music in AMERICA as a european musician.

Mean while please stay tuned for Mighty Shitty updates; we are playing Pakkasukko Blues festival next year and also some other festivals allready booked. Follow our FB site for updates!

News 5.9.2015

Just arrived to Oceanside, California. After 28 hours of constant travelin Im happy to be here! Its warm and sunny..quite the opposite compared to finland. First show will be at the big blues bender in Las Vegas Plaza hotel. Cant wait..Buddy quy is headlining. Anyway I will post some news and blog here during the trip!

News 2.9.2015

Just finished four week tour with Candye Kane. We did 21 festival shows in France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Finland and Estonia. Cant wait for the next one.

I got this new website done and now Im able to update where ever I am!