Along with his work as a freelancer musician Olli has been running his own band since 1998. It all started with a band called Bluesology which was a 6 piece west coast blues band. After ten years Olli decided to change concept and this is whats going on at the moment;

Olli O. & Mighty Shitty; it includes all about it. The blues, the blue feeling and trying to live with it. Even though the name is a bit shady it describes the songs and the style quite well. It is ment to be scandalous! :)

For ten years we played the blues with Bluesology. We had a six piece band and two albums Too Much and Red House Roll was made. I wanted to do something different. Mighty Shitty is different; raw, brutal, jamming, jam blues, four members, sounds, stories with meaning, statements... just to give you some words to describe whats going on.

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